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A tittilating, arthouse foreign film likely to be screened late at night on the Australian TV station SBS.

The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is a government-funded television station with a focus on "multicultural" and niche programming. Although it broadcasts many arthouse foreign films, it has gained a reputation for screening content late at night (and particularly on Friday and Saturday nights) which, while not pornographic, contains erotic scenes, themes and/or nudity.

Analogous Hollywood films include "Blue Lagoon", "Porky's" and "Basic Instinct", while classic examples of SBS flicks are Pedro Almodovar's Spanish "Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down", the Italian coming-of-age film "Malèna", the Japanese comedy "The Weather Girl" and the German thriller "Killer Condoms" about, you guessed it, homicidal condoms with teeth.
John: What did you get up to last night?
Sam: Saw some SBS flick about a young Armenian goatherder who is sexually conflicted by new feelings for the village Mayor's daughter.
by AllySays June 02, 2007
To come close to consumating a relationship with somebody, without actually closing the deal, i.e. to get to third base.

Also spelled laid-ish, laid'ish or laid...ish.
Josh: How'd you go with Melanie last night?
Peter: Not bad, we went out for a pizza and then I got laidish.
by AllySays June 12, 2007

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