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One who flaunts one of the manliest staches in the world and uses their suspender wearing authority to give summonses to the children. Legend has it that one that receives a summons will be devoured by the fine specimen's stache. When the Puglia is in a jolly mood, the Puglia mispronounces the "th" sound of a word by replacing it with the 'f' sound.
Child: (waddles their way into the building without proper identification.)
Puglia: Where is your I.D. card?
Child: I forgot it at home. (melancholy expression)
Puglia: WHAT?! (ferocious magenta tentacles extend from beneath the stache, wrap around the childs limbs and slurp the child back into the dark depths of the stache.)

Example 2:

Puglia: When Macbeff (Macbeth) visits fe (the) Free (Three) Witches, he notices that Fe (the) witch frows (throws) in ingrediants to fe (the) potion.
Child: Who did the witches freeze?
Puglia: What?
Child: You said the witches "frozen"
Puglia: NO! not frozen, frows (throws) in.
Child: Oh...? (continuing to not understand the Puglia but remains silent due to fear of the legend of the stache.
by Allie_is_Queer December 09, 2008

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