21 definitions by Alli

the act of sticking you finger in your butthole
"someone saw you poop-ooping"
by alli June 18, 2006
(verb) Shut down, dissed
John: "Oh man, he got dissed"
Jimm: "Yeah, I deblocked that kid"
by Alli February 28, 2005
"Sunizzle is my best friend in the whole world and I want to fizzle him"
by Alli October 29, 2003
Short for Not A Fan.
Jenny: What do you think of my boots?
Polly: N.A.F.
by Alli August 31, 2006
the disease that is making the world incredibly dull.
The accountant made all of the cute little puppys cry.
by Alli April 27, 2004
A word equivelant to "fo shizzel" but it's said by white people who want to be black but can't be. Also said by big losers and retards.
Alli: Wow, did u really suck santa's little dick?
Rob (a little white boy): Fo shnitzel!
by Alli December 15, 2004
a very large girl with a very dry texture that NEEDS to be basted!
Meatloaf: hello there liver, you are looking extra soggy today!

Liver: hello Dry meatloaf, you are rather dry today, may I please baste you!??!
by Alli December 21, 2004

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