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Badass alto-sax player, composer, and member of the Dave Brubeck Quartet. Best known for his composition “Take Five”, but also renowned for his unique smooth and dry sound, legendary drinking, wry wit, and copious consumption of Pall Mall unfiltered cigarettes.
Paul Desmond: musician, composer, bon vivant, and truly wonderful human being
by Allen C January 20, 2006
A commonly misused word. Many people mistake being stoned for taking sissy hits of poor quality herb (usually mooched off someone else) and acting like an intolerable idiot. Frequently, this type of person (referred to as a poser) will annoyingly attempt to exaggerate the stereotypical psychoactive effects of the drug. The poser frequently pretends to be dazed or confused, purposely talks with a slur, laughs at things that aren’t funny, makes inane statements, and most offensive of all shamelessly exclaims something to the order of “Dude, I’m sooooo stooooned! I’m soooo cooool! Wooo hooo party!” The poser usually has no regard for accepted rules of smoking etiquette, and generally gives a bad reputation to those who appreciate smoking.

One who knows what it’s all about (referred to as a badass) enjoys being stoned for more introspective reasons. The badass feels an increased understanding of his or her surroundings, gains insight into human nature, and has a heightened appreciation for fine music, art, aesthetics and ideas. Although the badass is more than happy to savor this state of mind alone, he or she also enjoys partaking in interesting conversation about the aforementioned insights with other likeminded individuals. The badass observes accepted rules of proper smoking etiquette, including his or her right to exclude posers from a session. Contrary to popular belief, this type of person can be successful, well educated, and can hold esteemed jobs or positions in the community.
"Dude I'm sooooo stoned right now! HAHAHAHA!"
"No you're not, you're an idiot, get the fuck out of my house"
by Allen C January 22, 2007
A classic premium filter cigarette dating to the late 1950s. Tareyton was a popular brand in the 60's and 70's thanks to its catchy (and grammatically incorrect) advertising line "Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch." Tareyton's filter is unique in that one half is an activated charcoal filter and the other a traditional cotton filter. The brand is still produced today by RJ Reynolds Tobacco.
You know a man is a gentleman if asks for a pack of Tareyton cigarettes because a gentleman can recognize a fine quality smoke. You know someone is a dumbass highschool punk if he asks for Marlboro Lights because he is just following what everyone else does.
by Allen C August 09, 2007
The finest medium-format cameras ever produced. The classic V-system was the choice of professional photographers and discriminating gentleman for its fully modular design, high quality construction, and expansive array of top-notch Zeiss optics. With the digital revolution sweeping (or already swept) through photography, Hasselblad now offers digital backs for the V, as well as the new H-systems.
You don't haven't done real photography till you've made a large print shot with a classic 6X6 Hasselblad. Then you move on to large format, but always come back to the Hassie. Fuck that digital shit.
by Allen C July 05, 2007
Late night talk show host claimed to be the funniest man on late night by ignorant college kids who have never heard of Johnny Carson. These people can be identified as those who give this entry a thumbs-down.
Ignorant College Kid: Man Conan O'Brien is so funny.
Badass: Yeah, but he's not even funny compared to Johnny Carson, the true King of Late Night.
Ignorant College Kid: Who's Johnny Carson?
Badass: You ignorant fuck. Go back to drinking cheap beer out of red plastic cups at your fucking college parties thinking you're really fucking cool. The world doesn't need ignorant shits like you.
by Allen C July 05, 2007

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