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is said when u want to fuck a woman who is so fucking ugly but has a fine body, i.e huge chebs nice pun, and lovely legs that you would love to be between!
dude 1:oh dude she has got huge chebs
dude 2:and her legs r fukin stunning
dude 1:its a shame she is so fucking ugly
random dude: defo bag over the head job!!
by Allan Galeziewski June 23, 2007
is when a male inserts his penis into another mans arsehole!with a huge cock
last night this guy got caught bumming another guy, hes is a defo anal minor!
by Allan Galeziewski June 23, 2007
a word used to describe people with extremely large breasts
(lady walks past) she has beefers!!
by Allan Galeziewski June 23, 2007

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