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One size fit's all.
"Free size clothes shrink & expand, but sometimes they lie & don't always look so hot."
by Allaiyah June 24, 2004
Japanese name for Taotieh; an Asian creature somewhat similar to the Minotaur & Satyr, only it's tall & more human looking; save the claws, tail, & huge horns. They are agressive & ferral demons who attack hikers, goats, & rabbits.
Petshop of Horrors & countless Japanese original sites.
by Allaiyah January 14, 2004
Typing without looking at the keys.
"His new secretary has the blind touch & she's fast about it too."
by Allaiyah June 24, 2004
A graphic novel or OAV that has no sequils or following volumes.
"It's too bad this book was a one-shot. It had such a promising story line."

"Too bad the movie was a one-shot. It would have made a great series."
by Allaiyah June 24, 2004
Ningyo; Japanese title for Asian merfolk. Once depicted as man-headed fish who cried tears of pearls, modern Ningyo are depicted like merfolk, only with webbed fingers & ears, long fingers with claws, razor shapr teath, & a bad reputation with fishermen for knocking over boats & stealing whatever they find. While Ningyo have a taste for human flesh, whoever eats their guts (said to be the best part)will live forecer but eternally crave to eat Ningo flesh forever.
Petshop of Horrors (OAV & manga), the latest Peter Pan movie, Mermaid Forest & Mermaid Scar (OAV & manga)
by Allaiyah January 14, 2004
A person who doesn't give a crap about politics, who doesn't vote, who doesn't watch news, & probably doesn't even know the president's name.

Despite not caring about the politics of their own country, antipolis may be very interested in many or one other country, others are totally self-absorbed (one man is his own nation), & many others simply just plain don't like being lied to & don't trust people known for lying.
Many antipolis are accused of being anarchists, but anarchists are way beyond antipoli; taking action agaisnt government. Some Antipoli 'claim' to be anarchists, but they're either confused or posers.
by Allaiyah June 25, 2004
Retro term once used in Japan to depics softcore romantic relationships between men, aimed for women's entertainment (& not for mockery either). Some people who have touble adjusting or reading Japanese or staying updated still call it Shounenai, but now it's called BL.
Go to Google.om, switch settings to Japanese language only, type in BL. You'll gets tons & tons of links. For you buffs who know katakana & cut-&-paste, try adding wods like gallery & illust for picture BL sites.
by Allaiyah January 14, 2004
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