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Abbreviation of 'Ibuprofen'. Usually uttered when the speaker is too tired/lazy/hungover to complete the word.
"Oh man, my head hurts. Pass me that ibu over there."
by shazamity November 27, 2007
Acronym for "I Be You" or to be grammatically correct "I am you".

Other - "I (B)ee You" to replace See/C-sound; As in: I can indirectly notice that you have something to hide… I see you.

Other - It subtly refers to one's ability to recognize subtleties because they themselves are similarly subtle/conniving.


Receptive Variable: - Silent - (Hints at a subtle agenda, thought to be hidden from view)

Expressive Variable: "Oh, so you're not gonna..… Wait. Ya know what… never mind. Ibu."
by akhenaten January 11, 2014
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