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the scraggly half-ass beard of a man with curly wiry hair
dude she really likes you... but you've gotta lose the pube face you got goin there
by Allah Ragbar February 25, 2008
based on the word gigolo. a man who thinks he's a total stud but is actually quite tubby
Mary: dude i'm sick of him he's so scrawny!
Ellie: better than a jigglyo
by Allah Ragbar March 06, 2008
sticking your weiner in a baby bottle-pop (or a bowl of sugar) then receiving a blow job
man since we started dating, Heather's been getting cavities... I think it's from all the daddy bottle-pops
by Allah Ragbar February 25, 2008
smothering someone, using your own butt
I'll reverse butt-rape you in the face if you don't stop!
by Allah Ragbar February 25, 2008
when a girl sucks on a broken glow stick then gives a man a blow job
Maria gave me a glow job last night and i'm still glowin!
by Allah Ragbar February 25, 2008
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