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1 definition by AllTimeLow125

a typical scene is some who:

- Wears a lot of makeup
- takes a lot of pix & uploads them
- uses words like "nikka" "&&" and "hawt"
- shops at Hot Topic, thrift stores, online, ect.
- Choppy hair. Usually black w/ +1 xsess color.
- Loves music
- most people see them as posers to their own kind
- Dont care what people think
- Most likely as a Myspace
- Go's to concerts/shows alot(!)
- Usually wears tight clothes/ skinny jeans.
- Loves big bows and head bands
- fave colors are usually neon and/with black
- wears lots of jewlery
Scene girl. Scene guy.
by AllTimeLow125 October 11, 2009
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