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L.A Noire is a detective and crime game from Rockstar and Team Bondi where you play as Cole Phelps, residential Badass, as he cleans up the streets of 1940s Los Angeles.

It takes a step away from the wild action in GTA and Red Dead and brings the plot to the other side of the spectrum; a cop.
Dude 1: God, I love L.A Noire. It's the most badass game ever.

Dude 2: Ain't it a rip-off of that L.A Confidential?

Dude 1: Don't insult me.

Dude 2: Make me not insult you.

Dude 1: Let's settle this. STARING CONTEST. GO!!!!!!!!!!
by AllTheGoodNamesAreAllGone August 11, 2011
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