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fear of never finding love
(some ppl refer to it as)
by Alisson Suskind May 31, 2010
King/or Queen of Karma
Person who can call them like they see them
Person can call you out on your well deserved justice or comupance
Brother goes and hits his sister in the back of the head.
She screams, "OW!" Then chases after him as he runs away.

He slips on a bannana peel as he tries to make a get away and falls flat on his butt getting the breath knocked out of him.

Then his sister comes up and smirks saying, "Karma."
Brother replies sarcastically, "What are you, the karma duke?"
by Alisson Suskind June 12, 2010
Fresh, new, exciting, fun, cool
Guy walks in with new threads on and is bro says, "Dude, you look freosh!"
by Alisson Suskind June 07, 2010

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