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The culture and practice of pretending to be dark, scary, or mysterious. These people are often very much unlike what they attempt to be, and are, in fact, friendly, intelligent people who have clung to a stereotype that suits them. See: pseudo-punk, pseudo-goth, and emo.
1>My dear sweet lord. Johnny used to be so friendly. Now all he does is sit at the back of the cafe in his pseudo-noir clothes and whine about everything.

2>Wanna go over and say hi?

1>No... just, no. That whiny b-tard can be alone if he can't accept who and what he really is. =p
by Alienkitten August 07, 2005
A pseudo-goth, (also known as a poser or poseur) is widely understood to be the most vile and detestable fascimile culture yet known to mankind. Pseudo-goths take the originality and artistry of goth culture and turn it into something to be feared. These are emos, who claim to be gothic and slit their wrists; preps, who put on the clothing because they are put under the impression that the clothes make them cool; and nerds, who are often thought of more as cyberpunk (which is legitimate). Hey! Can you blame us for trying to be intimidating? I got my ass kicked as a kid for being intelligent. Wanting others to ph33r you is natural. ;-)
1> Dude, that pseudo-goth is threatening to kill himself. Shouldn't we do something?

2> Ah, him again? No. This is the third time this week. I wish he /would/ throw himself out in front of a bus and save us from his whining.
by Alienkitten August 07, 2005
Conforming to non-conformism...
Yeah, sure.
Despite what may have been said about goths, they do not "conform to the non-conformist" lifestyle. Those people are the preps, townies, emos, and the like. These people (the conformists) take the original nature of gothic culture and package it into things like metallica who, despite what some fans might like to believe, were sellouts from the very beginning; taking dirty, hard, and soulful music and predigesting it for consumption by the masses.
The pseudo-noir culture, based off gothic culture, is lecherous and destructive to the goth image; trying to scare people by combining cultism, mob tactics, goth, and emo lifestyles into one big fake dark smudge.
The darkly dressed man sitting in the corner and drawing, reading, or wrapped up in deep thought is probably a goth.
by Alienkitten August 07, 2005
One who sees the truth about the world, even when the rest of society chooses to ignore the fact that the government is a corporation, we are constantly being monitored by cameras, and we are rapidly loosing what little freedom we had to begin with.
See: The Patriot Act
A cyberpunk's mantra:
Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me.
Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean I've got it wrong.
by Alienkitten August 07, 2005

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