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4 definitions by Ali J

Cocaine powder. Food slang for drugs is used when having to communicate in public.
He wants a nick of collard greens and a dub of salt.
by Ali J December 20, 2004
53 54
A person who has never been the same after taking a high dose of MDMA.
Fat boy and Jer have been e-tards ever since sloan made the big molly gel caps.
by Ali J December 20, 2004
19 23
Cocaine. Crack is hard as opposed to "soft" powder cocaine. Also known as "salt"
You want that hard? Or that soft?
by Ali J December 20, 2004
74 79
In the urban southeast and other areas: crack cocaine.
"He went from soft to being a dope fien"

Eminem: "How his mom is a dope addict, and his ex-wife how they go at it." - Encore
by Ali J December 20, 2004
12 26