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Adjective- A girl with STD's or a girl that has her man's cash in prizes in a noose.
*At a Club*
Idiot 1- Bro, that chick is totally checkin me out. Should i go tag that shit?
Smart Dude- Your fucking retarded, that chick is known to be a penis guy trap, just stay shy for a bit you horny bastard.
by Alfie82 December 07, 2008
The one person in the group that makes it their mandate to keep the smoking rotation going in order.
*Accidently passes bowl to Kenny who is on my right rather and passing the bowl to my left*

Jill- Jack! You totally fucked up the rotation, it was going clockwise then you made it counter clockwise!

Jack-Chill the hell out you rotation officer, your killin the mood mann.
by Alfie82 June 18, 2009
Verb,Adjective- To utterly suck, a shituation. Sometimes used in combination of Fucking Beat!
Bossman- "Hey Ryan, listen... You doing anything special tonight?
Ryan- Umm, Yeah I'm about to
Bossman- Ok Great! You need to work for me tonight.
by Alfie82 December 07, 2008
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