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A shorten form of "U-Turn," turning in the opposite direction you're driving.
Put your seatbelt on,
cuz there's hella cops parked up the block.
Well nigga bust a U-ey then.
Nigga fire up that doobie then.
by Alf May 12, 2006
When a person sticks a plunger on a wall and runs at the handle backwards effectively inserting the handle into the anus.
Last night at the party someone dared me to do a bamzu
by ALF April 15, 2005
its time to take a stand for those of us who dont know what burberry is. for those of us who drink jacquins and crown russe and not grey goose (bankers and natty too). for those of us who dont pop the collars of our lacoste polos (what the hell is that? ) this is for those of us who have never been to the king of prussia mall. the chesterians who rove around in ford tauruses, not rovers. this is to point out that there is no proof that girls are any hotter in west chester than anywhere else (though paisley begs to differ). no comment on whether girls drive an hour to king of prussia to get coach bags, as i am not a girl. also, i dont know if any of them will join sorostitutes, sororities maybe. chester county not born but raised and i swear that we are not like that.
its time to take back west chester.
andrews taking a stand against flamers who try to say what west chester is, but only go to college here and aint born n raised - nah mean pussies?
by alf January 30, 2005
high off cocaine
aw man, some asshole jacked my $20 bill that we rolled up to bust. i didn't notice cuz i was hella' yayed out
by alf December 20, 2003
popularized in RDP montreal
used to imply 1-astonishment or being 2-fed up.

***may also be used with Bro or shortened to mi!.
1-"Oh, I porked this picciot up the ass, then she goggled my rooster right after!" "MINGHIA!"

2- "Now clean the toilets!"
"Mi, this guy is rombapall !"
by ALF December 21, 2004
A gay nerd, a queer geek.
Why are so many Queeks into Batman?
It's the whole Batman/Robin relationship
by Alf April 06, 2006
something that taste pasty or faintly bitter
1: This cream tastes snatchy!!!
by ALF December 23, 2004

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