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Scene Kid = Chav/Townie + Emo/Goth

my reasons why.
A typical Scene Kid boy will be wearing
-Skinny Jeans
-Tight colourful t-shirt
-New Era hat
-Nike Airforce 1's
Scene Kids, wear apparel of sport brands (usually Nike or Adidas Originals) and various other famous brands (Vans checkered shoes, or band t-shirts). Scene kids are happy fellows unlike Emos, of whom most scene kids detest. But scene kids have some emo traits, like dyed hair (not usually black but can be), skinny jeans, straightened hair, piercings - SCENE KIDS DO NOT CUT THEMSELVES!

Popular Scene Kid Traits
- myspace
- pokemon (or some other old fashion)
- going to gigs/concerts
- hanging around town centres
- talking weird or pretending they're gangster

Scene Kids will say things like
"you are the sex"
"myspace me fer-sure"

Typical music interests for scene kids:
- trancecore
- hardcore
- grime
- nu rave
bands could include:
bring me the horizon
from first to last
Scene Kid Boy: 'liek omfgzzz im going to see bmth tonite will be fxckin br00t4l!'

Scene Kid Girl: 'WOWW thats liek bare orgasmic tbh'
by Alexiscool December 15, 2007

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