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Brebeuf College is an All boys high-school located in the most northern part of Toronto, Canada near Bayview and Steeles.

This high-school is one of the highest ratted high school in Toronto thanks to the multiple beneficial programs the school offers as well as teachers that actually CARE about the students education, of course excluding some... (cough cough Polish Science Teacher, but i'm not naming any names ;) They rebuilt the school in 2003, so currently is one of the most modern, sleek Catholic-publicly funded, non private school in Toronto. The students in Brebeuf are very respectful and kind. It also has one of the most highest averages in the province of Ontario, with a high success margin. A common "nickname" given to Brebeuf is just simply "Beuf." One last thing to mention is a usual things students say is "Bayview and Steeles" meaning to have a scrap. Though scraps don occur often they do happen.
Daniel- Yoo, you choosing Beuf for you high-school?
Alan- YEEEYEE!!!


Alexander- You wanna go scrappp jonnyy
Jonny- cm'on lets go then Bayview and Steeles


Daniel- Brebeuf College is the best school in Toronto!!
Alessandro- no doubt man!!
by AlexanderC November 08, 2010

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