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Any Lexus SUV that cruises the LIE (Long Island Expressway)
Honey, lets take the jew canoe to the bagel shop!
by Alexander Papsmear February 04, 2005
An old, dried up piece of cunny
Grandma's pussy has turned to queef jerky!
by Alexander Papsmear April 07, 2005
A Jewish Oreo Cookie. One who has both a Jewish and a black parent.
As a julatto, Lenny Kravitz can both dance AND manage money!
by Alexander Papsmear August 25, 2007
A word used by spammers to replace "cock" in the subject of an email in a deliberate attempt to throw off your spam filter.
Subject: Mom in lacy nightie succkking my cankerberry
by Alexander Papsmear January 05, 2006

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