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Mind-rot bullshit. It is, has been and always will be mind-rot bullshit. The most ingenius commercial for a CD ever created.
No, MTV STILL sucked when before it was bought out.
by AlexMax May 27, 2003
A gaming console manufactured by Sony. It has the most marketshare and in general has the most games avalable that will appeal to the widest audience.

The alternatives to the PS2 offer more specialized games. For example, the Gamecube has excillent first party support and has some of the most outstanding average of games and graphics on the market, and a ton of shitty ports of other games. The Xbox on the other hand is for people who prefer graphics over any actual gameplay.
I just got Amplitude for PS2! Damn that game rocks!
by AlexMax March 11, 2003
Internet surfers who act lame, foolish, or just childish. They are also known to spam, flame, misspell words in ways you never knew words could be misspelled, write in extreme shorthand or l33tspeak, accuse other users of hacking without cause, TeamKill (in onnline games) and other online idiocies. The person being refered to as an AOL Kid may or may not actually use AOL, and may or may not be a minor. Also used as a noun as a place for such people to go.
Go back to AOL Kids you idiot.
by AlexMax April 08, 2003

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