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When watching The Big Lebowski, to drink a White Russian whenever The Dude drinks one, and to smoke a joint whenever The Dude smokes one. This is very difficult as there are around 12 White Russians and 3 joints in the movie.
Alex: Let's do the Lebowski Challenge tonight!
Ray: Naw, I don't feel like being in a coma for the next 2 days.
by Alex Blake February 09, 2007
When two or more Jews get together and discuss who knows who's Jewish friends and relatives from where.
Shem tov: You know my brother Morty from New York, he's a doctor, married to Rachael?
Herschel: Yes, I once went out for bagels with him at my cousin Eli's diner in Long Island. Oy, you should have seen the savings!
Passerby: What a Jewish Geography!
by Alex Blake July 26, 2006
An interjection often used after one of the five W's (who, what, where, when, why). A humourous statement, it stems from the Dr. Dre song of the same name.
Dre: Did whatsername get out to you yesterday?
Bitch: Who?
Dre: Deeez Nuuuts!
by Alex Blake June 10, 2006
A variant of up the punx, referring to crunk music. Used sarcastically, and invented by Mitch Clem.
Lil' Jon: Yeaaaah! Hwuuuut!?
Blake: Yeah, up the crunx...bitch.
by Alex Blake November 13, 2007
To do something "in style" is to do it after smoking weed, when such desirable after-effects will be present, thus enhancing the experience.
Cheech: Let's watch Wondershowzen!
Chong: No man, let's watch Wondershowzen; in style!
by Alex Blake January 27, 2007
Commonly used as Best Friends Forever, but among your overweight friends you can use it as Big Fat Fucks.
John: Hey, wanna go to White Castle?
Bob: No, I'm on a diet.
John: But I thought we were B.F.F.!
by Alex Blake January 23, 2007

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