9 definitions by Alex'Andra

(Said by my cuzzo in anger) It means that you can do something so low as to suck somebodys fart because that would value your time more than sitting here bothering me.
You know what?...SUCK FART!!! lolz
by Alex'Andra May 26, 2008
To front about everything whether or not you have to or you don't(2)To lie about something or on someone when your suppose to be down and real(3) and its usually a really self centerd person who doesn't want to either face reality,get in trouble,or be what they think is the bad one (Flawda term 954-772)
Man you flaw ass all get out cuz you talk bout dude behind his back but when you in his face its a whole nother story
by Alex'Andra May 26, 2008
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