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The sexy dance used in most parties and clubs in England. Commonly worn with viking horns.

Stamp, Stamp to the left,
Left leg kick, kick,
Arm up,
Stab, Stabto the left,
Stamp, Stamp to the right,
Right leg kick, kick,
Arm up,
Stab, Stab to the right,
Quick twirl round with both hands
raised to Thor(whatever)
Raise your (pretend) drinking horn to the left,
Drinking horn to the right,
Horn to the sky,
All over body shake,
Huddly duddly,
And fall to knees with a triumphant shout of "HORRRRNNNNN!!!!"
The Viking Bison Disco Inferno is going to be your opening dance at your viking wedding, Rosie.
by Aleisel April 05, 2009
When you get so close to saying fuck and your either around your mother-in-law or you mother that you stop in the middle and say frick.
What the fu-frick
by Aleisel April 05, 2009
A sexy Mexican person that usually wears green tights and pretends to be a pimp.
That quaco in those green tights thinks hes a pimp.
by Aleisel April 04, 2009
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