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Often confused to 'Eden' or 'Heaven on Earth', Wales is nothing short of perfection. Located, and widly recognised as the 'Diamond in the British Isles', Wales boasts the most outstanding picturesque landscapes and areas of amazing natural beauty in the Northern Hemisphere. It's people, known as the Welsh, are among the friendliest and approachable on Earth, proudly bearing the oldest language in Europe, accompanied by a loveable accent.
"God created the heaven and the earth, modelled on the perfection that is Wales, he then proceded to incarnate himself in the form and guise of Mike Ruddock, posing as a Rugby coach. Thus leading Wales to a magnificent Grand Slam."
by Aled June 23, 2005
A Holy, devine and supreme Being capable of manufacturing miracles, making dreams come true, influencing millions of people through making them happy beyond belief.
mike ruddock, wales rugby coach, IS god. woooo in yer face you english pommes!! woo grand slam 2005!!
by Aled June 23, 2005

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