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intentional misrepresentation of identity or intent.
"Hey, Alec, didn't someone create a definition on Urban Dictionary for an offensive word and then commit fraud by claiming they were you when they posted it?"

"Yeah! Now when you search for my name on Google, "dirty lincoln" is the third result you get back! Boy, I hope a potential employer doesn't google me and find THAT."

"Yeah, that'd be pretty bad. Hey! I know! You should get a hold of Urban Dictionary and ask them to take it down!"

"Oh, I've tried three or four times. Through a couple different methods! Maybe if I post a NEW definition, they'll proofread it on its way through, read this, and remove my name from the fraudulent definition, like I've asked them to!"
"Maybe, I hope the get the gosh darn hint, friend"
by Alec Denson September 11, 2007

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