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1. The act of creating false statements in order to self-promote yourself.

2. The act of not taking Quake 3 seriously even though you are caught bitching all the time in it.

3. The act of creating "Uncles" in order to scare or threaten others.

4. The art of joining Spectators when the player starts losing.

5. The obsession with Homosexuality and dicks.

6. Complete and utter stupidity in Quake 3 Arena.

Quake 3 - ronnie, Northern Florida. From Greek ronn, (fag). From Latin, ie, id est, (that is). See Ronnism.]


Ron·nie - n.
ron·nie - adj.
ronn·ily - adv.
ron·nied - ron·ni·ing - ron·nies - v.

Ron·nie - Pronunciation Key (rn)

1. One who follows Ronnism.

2. An egotist person in the Quake 3 Environment, More so when losing.

3. A male of 17 years of age residing in Northern Florida.


ron·nie - Pronunciation Key (rn)

1. Of, relating to, or based on Ronnism.

a. Acting with Ronnism.

2. Acting with a sore-loser-like attitude in the Quake 3 enviroment.


ronn·ily - Pronunciation Key (rn - - l)

1. Resembling, having the characteristics of Ronnism.

2. In a ronnie manner; in the manner of Ronnism.


ron·nied - ron·ni·ing - ron·nies

1. To act, have acted, or is acting with Ronnism.

by Albion*GoD* & Viper May 14, 2003

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