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1-A sheila is a worshiping word for a beatiful mysterious woman that one of your mates knows on a first name basis, but you have never met.

2- a possessive term used for ones girl, lover, or CSP
First Kiwi bloke: geeez mate...that sheila of yours...she is a beauty

Kiwi Bloke: ...stay from my sheila cuz...

Aussie Bloke: as if you would fuck a sheep...bloody sheep shagger
by Albert Aussie September 03, 2005
An insult hurled at new zealanders, by australians mostly. it is a reference to the sheep prominence in new zealand- ten sheep to every person. sheep cant breed that fast on their own, so the "sheep shaggers" help
Kiwi: we fucked you aussie's up in the rugby union!!

Aussie: go fuck a sheep, ya sheep shagger.

Kiwi: leave my mutton out of this...
by Albert Aussie September 03, 2005
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