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2 definitions by Albama

Daniel is the most caring, down right amazing guy you could ever meet. He knows how to make me smile and laugh. He has the most beautiful personality and i love him for him, he is perfect in every way and is my soul mate.

I love you daniel :)
by albama May 22, 2011
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Similar to game plan, it's the idea of figuring out what you're going to drink at parties/bars/events.

Availability of the drinkplan may be based on levels of monetary fundage.

Can be used to denote how MUCH one will drink at a party/bar/event.
"Hey man, what's your drinkplan for New Year's Eve?"

"Oh man, I get paid on the 2nd, I only have a $20. I'm thinking a 30'a Stroh's or a buncha tallboys'a Molson, eh?"

"Hey dude, how much you gonna drink tonight? What's your drinkplan?"

"Heavy and often, like my sex."
by Albama December 30, 2012
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