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1. verb. To intentionally slow one's pace during work to avoid productivity.

2. verb. To intentionally walk very slowly through an intersection so that cars will be forced to wait for you after the light has turned green.
1. Tyrone sugarfoots between the freezer and the fry station, even if it means the customers have to wait. He's getting paid by the hour, not by the french fry. He'll work hard when they promote him to executive vice-president, and not one day before that.

2. Lo'Quashia sugarfoots across the street, daring someone to honk their horn or yell at her. It makes her feel powerful to block traffic when the light turns green.
by Alan Keyes August 18, 2004
Newspaper of the streets. Contrary to the relatively recent "art" interpretations that naive hip-hoppers have applied to graffiti, it is instead the longstanding form of communication by street gangs. Gangbangers place complex designs on public and private property to identify turf, to intimidate or disrespect enemies, and to display action orders.

Hip-hoppers who make impassioned defenses of graffiti as some "cultural artistic expression" simply confuse the issue for people in the mainstream. In its newest and least form, graffiti is simple vandalism by naive hip-hoppers. In its oldest and worst form, it is a mode of communication for domestic terrorists (gangbangers).
Hip-hop tagger boy thought it was a cool visual element to paint gleaming golden crowns upside-down in his graffiti. Then the LKs caught up with him and shot him four times in the base of his skull.
by Alan Keyes August 18, 2004
A set of attitudes and behaviors originating in the stark, deprived inner-city ghettos and inexplicably adopted by middle-class suburban teens. Hip-hop represents resourcefulness and ingenuity in the face of unspeakable material and intellectual poverty:
1. Graffiti: Can't afford real art supplies? Spray paint someone else's property! Dat shit be da bomb!
2. Break dancing: Can't afford a place to dance? Flatten a cardboard box and flop around on the sidewalk! Dem pedestrians be laughing wit you, not at you homie!
3. Rapping/Mcing: Can't afford a musical instrument or too lazy to learn how play? Shout some rapid-fire rhymes. Extra points awarded for butchering the english language. Yo yo dem badass rhymes gots da Man afeard of da revolution!
4. DJing: Can't afford to put together a band or too lazy to write your own music? Find someone else's work on vinyl and move it back and forth on a fancy turntable. Dat skritch-skratch be musical genius!

Your hip-hop credibility will be enhanced by rejecting the strides made in your behalf by the civil rights movement. Don't apply for scholarships; drop out of school. Fail to learn proper English, thereby ensuring that you'll never qualify for a decent job. Try never to read any books. Reject any activity that requires hard work or discipline.

Show the world you're a hip-hopper by wearing garish, impractical, cheap-knock-off clothing and jewelry that mimics rap stars and basketball players. Make sure you look like a complete fool when you're out in general society.

Finally, don't bother to learn about anything the world has to offer outside your neighborhood. Dat shit all be plastic, an you gots ta keep it real!
Le'Rhonda don't need no education. She don't need no job. She be keepin it real. Hip-hop be her life.
by Alan Keyes August 18, 2004
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