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4 definitions by AlabamaLlama

A very misunderstood and overly stereotyped state. Some of the stereotypes are true, but most are definetly not. Also a great band from Fort Payne, AL. Also home to one of the greatest NCAA Football teams, Auburn University.
Sweet Home Alabama is very stereotyped.
by AlabamaLlama May 03, 2005
A name given to those who bash the President of the United States.
Pedro: Gosh, Napoleon, look at those stupid liberals!
Napoleon: Yeah, frickin' imbeciles.
by AlabamaLlama May 04, 2005
The murder of a helpless, voiceless, innocent baby. Usually because the mother screwed around and didn't care, thus deciding to kill her child. This is legal in the US sadly...
Irresponsible Terri decided to have an abortion because she didn't care about the sanctity of her child's life.
by AlabamaLlama May 03, 2005
Thanks to Ohio, the United States will not have to suffer for four years. :)
Thanks Ohio, you PWN!
by AlabamaLlama May 03, 2005