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-noun. loo-sid fuhk

A fuck in a lucid dream. An exceptionally realistic, intense sex dream, where you are able to control the direction in which the shagging flows. Often a lucid fuck is better than the realisation of that fuck, primarily because after shagging Erin in 21 different positions you can fly off on your invisible hover bike (with the custom chrome spokes) to join your buddies for a quick gin and tonic before waking up.
Ben: Shit man, you know that Edith from the office, fucked her last night. 
Jerry: Great. How was it?
Ben: Not good, she was far filthier in that Lucid fuck I had last weekend.
by Al Cawdrey September 29, 2009
A predisposition to lie or greatly exaggerates about ones sexual conquests.

-noun. C-lau-d fa-huk-er
1. Mr. Wilson didn't see any inconsistency between his recollection about shagging that chick who left the club at the same time as he did last night. Even though she didn't actually leave with him as she returned after failing to get a taxi/cab and spent rest of the night in my bed. Mr. Wilson; he may be a drinking buddy but what a cloud fucker.

2. By his own account, Mr. Smith was a rebellious young man. Among Harvard music majors, he was known as a cloud fucker.  
by Al Cawdrey September 26, 2009

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