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It is the street way to say basket ball.
Want to play some b ball?
by Al "The Computer Guy" April 16, 2004
Perhaps one of the greatest OS's made by Windows. It was designed but bussiness but you can get it for your home. It is the OS that they based Windows 2000 on. The only downside is that it has problems resolving errors that rarely happen and when they do Doctor Watson tries to fix it but he never can.
No computers use Windows NT anymore, they instead use XP.
by Al "The Computer Guy" April 16, 2004
Songs or music that can be on any format such as radio, tape, or cd.
Why don't you pop in some tunes to listen to?
by Al "The Computer Guy" April 15, 2004
A hidden extra feature that is found in a DVD, that is usually hard to find.
I can't believe that I fould the easter egg in Gilgi!
by Al "The Computer Guy" April 15, 2004
Is sort of a cross between a laptop and a pocket pc. It is the size of a laptop with a keyboard, but you can turn around the sreen and lay it down so that it is a large pocket pc.
The tablet pc was supposed to be the next big thing but it never caught on.
by Al "The Computer Guy" April 16, 2004
A type of knife that military and police use that are very expensive. They are also known as "Butterfly Knifes" because their logo is a butterfly and they are also famous for their Balisong knife which is also known as a "Butterfly knife"
I can't believe how fast he cut that with his Benchmade.
by Al "The Computer Guy" April 16, 2004
1. Another name for our planet, earth, because that it is the third planet from our central star; known as the sun.

2. A TV show from the 90's that involved people that were aliens disguised as humans.
1. Tell the aliens that we are from the third rock from the sun.

2. Third Rock From The Sun is on UPN.
by Al "The Computer Guy" April 17, 2004

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