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2 definitions by Al II

The most badest organisation in Notts,
named after leader Wooley.
Other members consist of names like:
Keith, JoEnes, Meeg, Baz, George nd Raggy,
without forgetting the main man

Targets: Any body that breathes in Wooleys direction & makes eye contact with him
A: Hey man!, You're pushing your luck,
you do know i'm art of Mafia Wool
B: Ahhh Shit!! Sorry mate, don't want no trouble
by Al II September 23, 2006
A tiny crumb of clotted phlegm that collects on the tongue after being coughed up from the throat. The "bit" usually smells awfully like the lining of your stomach
Err... jus ad a gelb bisschen (yellow bit)
by Al II September 24, 2006