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A tag in an on-line game.

A tag is used in many on-line multiplayergames. A tag is used in player names, when they belong to a certain clan(in most cases). Usually a tag is constructed by using the clans name or a defining word placed within square brackets. Altough other combinations can be used, such as -=namehere=-. A tag should not be confused with a spray paint logo.
"¥clan01¥Untitled-player" has joined the game.

If you want to be in our tag you need to put ¥clan02¥ in front of your display name.

noob: HAHA I pwn3d t3h -=clan03=- pl4y3rs,lolz!11!11!11ONEONE!111OEN1!1!2.
by Akula04 July 05, 2005

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