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5 definitions by Akash Barvic Sleeves

A term used to define a member of the opposite sex that would be seen to be attractive enough to have sexual intercourse with. In many cases this term is applied loosely to any female that a male would 'like to give a poke' (whether it be with or without the influence of 'Beer googles').

"Yeah, she'd definitely get it!"

In the use of the term by a male, 'It' would be the erect male phallacy. i.e. she would 'get it', implies that "she invites my male genitalia''
by Akash Barvic Sleeves October 21, 2003
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When ones forehead is flaring with sunshine brightness due to an excessive amount of hair styling wax being worn. As a result, a large proportion of the wax secretes down onto the upper region of the face. The outcome can be likened to the surface of a polished bowling bowl, glistening simirly to ejeculated semen.
"Fucking hell Philip, you've got harsh 'BUFF-HEAD' today, how much wax did you use?
by Akash Barvic Sleeves October 16, 2003
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Another meaning for being 'tight', penny-pinching or a scrooge with your money. Whatever is necessary, a 'Rehro' would pull out all the stops (or not flush the toilet) to save a few pennies.

Originating from a popular late 90s t.v. advertisement from Ferraro Rocher. Hence, 'FerRARO' becoming 'rehro'.
Mark: Stephen, it's too cold in your house. Can you ask Patricia to turn the heating on?

Stephen: What?! Good one!! That would cost money. It's only mid-January.

Mark: Stop being so fuckin' 'REHRO'!
by Akash Barvic Sleeves October 15, 2003
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An amalgamation of the two words "Go" and "Home". A subtle, covert method of implying to a foreigner to return to their country of origin. Usually targeted at ethnics scrounging off the nations governments and those who are detrimental to society.
"Hello Mr Patel, this is Ricky from immigration, would you and your family of 28 living above the local 'Happy Shopper' kindly GOM."
by Akash Barvic Sleeves October 13, 2003
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An indirect and less impertinent method of directing racial abuse towards those who are unwelcome in their chosen country of sponging.
(Taxi Driver) That will be £37 please.
(Intoxicated Passenger) You must be havin a laugh mate!?
(Taxi Driver) No, that is the correct amount sir, do not forget that I need to feed little Mohammed and his 14 siblings!
(Intoxicated Driver)No way, I aint paying that, you should just fucking GOM mate!

(Also, in a situation such as the above the taxi driver would be labeled as a GOM.)
by Akash Barvic Sleeves October 14, 2003
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