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Characterized by old age and experience, a mandude is a man over the age of 26 who is enrolled in an undergraduate institution seeking a bachelors degree.
Type I Mandude- already have families, wives or a previous career. These are usually the best variety to have around.
Type II Mandude are extremely perverted and hit on all the young girls in his class, usually distinguishable by haughtiness, bald spots, obesity, and are very vocal during class. Most type II mandudes have never felt a titty of a sober woman.
#man dude #old guy #young #inexperience #old fart
by Ajsherco290 June 03, 2009
n. An unclaimed fart that is inconspicuously concealed from the audible senses of the people in the vicinity, usually protruding from a girl’s butthole.
DUDE: Koti! did you just tnewt on my towel? thats fucking sick!

CHICK: EW no way! i didn't just tnewt!

DUDE: um i'm pretty sure i smell a foul stench.
#fart #toot #poop #qweef #shit air
by Ajsherco290 October 22, 2009
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