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A brand of water available in Ireland
I'm gonna get a bottle of Ballygowan
by Aislingxxx April 26, 2008
Slang word for cool blingin' or hip mainly used in Ireland
That hat is well ballygowan!
by Aislingxxx May 01, 2008
Display Picture Changing Time. Used while instant messaging.
Person 1 : Hi!
Person 2 : Hang on a sec, its DPCT!
by Aislingxxx May 03, 2008
People who have been called an emo who feel they are the opposite! (its emo spelt backwards)
Person 1:you're such an emo!
Person 2:NO! I'm the opposite of an emo! I'm an Ome!
by Aislingxxx April 19, 2008

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