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4 definitions by Aislingxxx

A brand of water available in Ireland
I'm gonna get a bottle of Ballygowan
by Aislingxxx April 26, 2008
27 9
Slang word for cool blingin' or hip mainly used in Ireland
That hat is well ballygowan!
by Aislingxxx May 01, 2008
22 9
Display Picture Changing Time. Used while instant messaging.
Person 1 : Hi!
Person 2 : Hang on a sec, its DPCT!
by Aislingxxx May 03, 2008
1 5
People who have been called an emo who feel they are the opposite! (its emo spelt backwards)
Person 1:you're such an emo!
Person 2:NO! I'm the opposite of an emo! I'm an Ome!
by Aislingxxx April 19, 2008
4 26