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1. pleasant flower

2. anything good or positive

3. a pleasant sounding (vocally) person

eu- Greek: good, well, normal; happy, pleasing; used as a prefix

foli (or pholia)-Latin: leaf, flowering plant
Her singing was really eupholia, almost better than Beyonce.
#euphony (syn) #cacophony (ant) #euphoria (rel) #euphoria (misp) #euphobia (misp)
by Ailohpue February 02, 2010
When, during the act of being raped, the victim offers to cooperate with the rapist. The impending rape becomes a win-win situation due to: 1) the rapist gets some and 2)the victim doesn't get the full effects of an actually, violent rape.
Rapist: "Be still or I'll kill you!!"

Victim: "Whoa, whoa. Wait a minute! It aint got to be like that! Let's work this out, see if we both can come away from this in one piece. You do what you need to do and I'm gone just chill, then I'mma go on bout my business. It's win-win, man"

Rapist (confused but still a rapist) "Well...ok. I don't feel like going to jail for murder, too."

Victim: "Great, glad we can agree to a consensual rape. Go ahead and get the duct tape, let me go get a comdom."
#rape #consent #consensual #rapist #win-win
by Ailohpue December 07, 2010
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