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A creep dash is a move in halo when you manage to assassinate someone with a beam sword while invisible, and you were undetected by your victim. The creep comes from "creeping up" on someone, and the dash comes from what happens when you lunge at someone with the sword in the halo series. This term can be applicable to any fps with a one hit kill melee weapon (tf2 for example)
redspartanguy: it is waay to quiet out here....


redspartanguy: ahhhh! What a creepy creep-dasher

*gets teabagged*
by Aidan Moore August 24, 2008
maverick is a verb used when one is pwned, or more accurately, to be mavericked is more extreme than being pwned. When one mavericks, he becomes a maverick, which is the noun version of the word.
verb - Omg, that guy just killed me across the map with an Assault Rifle, he totally mavericked me.

Noun - he's such a maverick
by Aidan Moore February 10, 2008

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