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4 definitions by Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed

A slang word for a person who constantly steals candy from schools. Often known to be stupid, to have delayed reactions, and to have slurred speech. They are usually associated with an organization called NWC. Often found with Ahmeds, Mohameds, more Mahads and Libans.
Did you see that? That mahad just stole a chocolate bar!
by Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed October 13, 2006
246 71
A creature of the ginger species.

Once a year, on new years eve, he performs a ritual where he slays a pig. He then makes bacon from that mangled carcass.
H: Did you see that ben tennant slay a pig last night?
S: Who didn't?
by Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed January 02, 2009
107 17
A term used to describe one's children.
My son is flesh of my flesh
by ahmed ahmed ahmed June 08, 2007
97 10
A slang word used to describe someone that displays characteristics of a middle-eastern terrorist. The typical attire of an amer is a keffiyeh, ski mask, and bomb vest.

It has been said that the original creator of the term used it to describe a kid that looked like a ferret. However, the term has evolved over time.
G - Check that amer out, he looks like a muskrat!
S - Wow, that's embarrassing
by Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed July 05, 2009
53 86