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2 definitions by AhdioHore

1.) Where one goes too when they have too much "Pep in their Step!" O_O

2.) A group of generally n.e.r.d.y individuals that play or at least act like they can play any sort of instrument of the school-type pleasures
eg :: 1.) a.Get the lead out at BAND CAMP! b.I'm ba-bababaBAND to the Camp! c.My BandCamp brings all the grrrlz too the yard!
d.BandCampin Til I Die!

eg :: 2.) One year at bandcamp,... I stuck a flute in my pussy! :D \o/
by AhdioHore May 01, 2004
to scope-out a club with friends too see if there is any 'booty' in the place for either gender to ponder relations for the for the night.
Jason turned too Mike & asked, "Hey dude i have an idea for this evening, how about we go out to the bar & do a little honeydipping¿"
by AhdioHore July 27, 2003