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I, personally, do not like this store. It caters for preteen people who enjoy dressing in as little as they can. They sell pretty mainstream stuff, cheaply made, but some quality garments can be found. Not their singlets, they suck. The jeans are okay.

From my experience they serve girls who are of a smaller, less curvaceous body type, and the people who work there are the same. They like caking on makeup and dressing in clothing which shows off their undergarments.
Friend One: OmG i LuRvVe SuPrE ItSs ThE bEsT eVaRr!!
Friend Two: *facepalm*

I saw an goth guy in supre the other day with his girlfriend. He looked like he wanted to shoot himself while she browsed the fluro section. I nearly cried.
by Ahbeseh February 19, 2011

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