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We're surrounded by water, snobby "parkies", and catholic school kids, crabs and beer are our diet, we wear flip-flops year round( yes even in the snow), we know what Ego-Alley is, we know that we could go downtown to ACME in high school and get served no questions asked, we know about Hellish Commisioning Week, and we can spot a Midshipmen a mile away out of his uniform, we know about traffic, and we love to travel by boat, we know that the best crabs in Naptown come from Jimmy Cantlers. We are collar poppin, khaki, and rainbow wearin beach bums.If you don't know someone directly, you know them through a good friend. Naptown is not small but it's not big..... we are what we are.
This is our Ode to Annapolis
Annapolis is simply AMAZING.
by Ahag October 25, 2005

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