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5 definitions by AgentSythe

Hide and seek champion 1941-1944.
Anne Frank's got nothin' on Jimmy Hoffa.
by AgentSythe April 23, 2007
Reigning hide and go seek champion.
"Son of a bitch, we've looked for Jimmy Hoffa everywhere! Tell him he's gonna miss supper."
- J. Edgar Hoover, ex-director of the FBI
by AgentSythe April 24, 2007
A group of individuals fighting for the equal rights of all Apple and Mac OS based computers. Viva la resistance!
Malcom OSX wants you!
by AgentSythe March 16, 2005
A collection of sediments that have been heated or put under great pressure, and have hardened over time.
I throw rocks at retarded children.
by AgentSythe March 24, 2005
One who loves cha-chi.
Jonie loves cha-chi! My name is ben stiller and I like it in the bum!
by AgentSythe March 18, 2005