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jimmies – feelings / thoughts / ego
rustled – hurt / disturbed
unrustled – peaceful / calm

As per Know Your Meme, the expression originated from 4chan in late 2010, and is used by trolls to "convey feelings of discontent or discomfort in response to someone else’s post in imageboards and discussion forums".

The expression is an alternate form of "u mad bro?".
Victim: What the heck is your problem!?
Troll: Are your jimmies rustled?
Victim: ...What is this I don't even
Troll: *trollface*
by AgentRev June 17, 2012
A popular expression used by French Canadians, which depicts the urge to film and/or take as much pictures as possible of an event which seems amazing when seen in real-time, but appears devoid of interest when looking back at the footage and/or photos.

The expression's name relates to whale tours, a popular tourist attraction in Québec's Côte-Nord, during which this phenomenon is very frequent among newcomers.
Quebecer 1: Can you believe this? Aunt Jeanne managed to fill 3 memory cards with her photos from the whale tour...
Quebecer 2: Whale syndrome. Don't worry about it, that's a family trait. It's just like my grandfather who films fireworks shows.
by AgentRev September 27, 2011

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