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A man who seems to easily acquire and maintains multiple bromances simultaneously. Mash-up of "bromo" and "ho".
"Skyler and Mark are obviously bromos."

"WTF? Skyler has bromances with Jim, Chad, and Dan too! What a bromoho."
by AgentBacardi May 20, 2010
When a man voluntarily abstains from dating and/or hook-ups to take a break from all the drama women while inevitably introduce into his life. It should be noted that this term only applies to men who would normally have no difficulties obtaining dates or one-night stands. Smash-up of "probation" and "babe".
"Dude, Michelle told me that she wants you to take her home tonight. You need to get on that shit NOW!"

"No way man. I'm on probabetion until summer starts, remember?"
by AgentBacardi May 18, 2010
Similar to a born-again virgin, only the new virginity is the result of a prolonged and highly undesired abstinence due to a complete lack of worthy prospects.
Stephanie, when was the last time you got laid?

Uhh, 1 year, 4 months, and 11 days ago.

Oh my god! You never told me you were a forced-again virgin!
by AgentBacardi June 02, 2010

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