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another way of saying "lets play".
person 1: i haven't played halo in weeks. muzzle time?

person 2: let's roll!
by Agent Vook November 21, 2010
something totally awesome.
"Thats so vook!"
by Agent Vook November 21, 2010
said at the end of dissing someone to ensure maximum effect.
those naggers aint nuthin but no good gangbangers.. AND THEY STANK!
by Agent Vook November 25, 2010
a noob
2 kills and 14 deaths? baha what a nubscout.

agent vook: shinster again!?
agent silverfox: guess i'll get a box of tagalongs from that nubscout
by Agent Vook November 24, 2010
once meant to show retardedness, now a way of saying hello to a friend.
person 1: errt!

person 2: errt brahh, wassup?
by Agent Vook November 21, 2010
In Halo, jumping while spinning in circles. Done best whilst on top of an opponents dead body, or with the oddball. An alternative way of mocking to a "t-bag"
person 1: HA he got punched in the FAACE. MUZZLE DANCE!...

Vook: What are you doing?
Delgado: t-baggin him?
Vook: Thats so last year brahh.. 2010 is the year of the muzzle dance.
Delgado: Thank youuuu
by Agent Vook November 24, 2010
a) a hard-worker..

b) a created player in a video game in which all his attributes would be 99

3) 113 yr old man who works 3 hour shifts once a week, but in those three hours does more than all of the other workers combined
in at 12, out at 3..pulled a sampong today!

wow, you moved all those boxes? really samponged it up eh?
by Agent Vook November 21, 2010

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