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When a group of males go accompany each other to take shits at the same time. This usually occupies all of the stalls in a public bathroom, and occasionally spreads to urinals and, in the extreme, sinks.
Bro 1: Yo man i have to take a dump.

Bro 2: Dude, me too!

Bro 3: Me three!

Bro 1: Yo lets go pull a dump session in the school bathroom!
by Agatster February 14, 2009
To deny to an audience that you had sexual relations with a woman. This term is only used if the person is lying, replicating the words of Bill Clinton.
Steve: Yo Chris I heard you got head from Jen last night in the boy's locker room!

Brooke: Ew Chris thats disgusting!

Chris: No guys thats not true I did not get head from her!

Steve: Dude, everyone knows you got it. Stop pulling a Clinton.
by Agatster April 02, 2009
A schlodeo (derived from the words schlong and rodeo) is when you place a saddle on someone's dick, and ride it like a bull rider as if you were in a rodeo.
Bro 1: Yo Kelly was so drunk last night, she started riding my dick like a bull!

Bro 2: Dude, she totally gave you a schlodeo!

Bro 1: Awesome!
by Agatster February 15, 2009
An extremely large piece of shit.
guy 1:Yo I took a big man in the sink this morning, it was fucking hilarious!

guy 2: O word? Im about to take a big man and slap it on the bathroom mirror!

by Agatster February 08, 2009
When in Gears of War 2 you set up an ink grenade in combination with a smoke, so when somebody walks by they are knocked down as they are killed by the ink. Usually requires a combined effort of two people.
" Yo bro go lets go plant that bear trap over by the Boom Shot."
by Agatster December 10, 2008

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