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Polish meanings:

1. Part of a body -> "Ass"

2. Slang meaning for "chick". Word used mostly by men.

3. Slang meaning for "girlfriend".

4. About somebody -> "Clumsy" "Looser" or "Stupid"

A saying: "No i dupa" or "Dupa!" means that something did not work out.
1. Boli mnie dupa. ( My ass hurts).
2. Popatrz! Ale dupa! (Look! What a chick!)
3. Poszedl do swojej dupy. (He went to his girlfriend.)
4. Ale z ciebie dupa. (You are so clumsy). Jestes dupa. (You are a looser).
by Aga_Aero May 02, 2006

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