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the equivalent of road rage, but for trains. oftentimes, rail rage is noticed in the late hours of the night when everyone's trying to sleep, and a retarded chimp of a conductor is honking away like a mother fucker somewhere in the distance.

the real confusing thing about it, is that nobody could possibly need to hear the horn... everyone is fucking asleep, or at least they were until the train came around! as if a large moving object with lights and everything with plenty of sound from the wheels on the tracks isn't enough, they had to equip them with fucking fog horns. unbelievable!

probably the real reason general sherman ripped the railroads to shreds during the civil war
AAHHHH what the fuck is that noise, its 3:00 in the morning!

Fucking rail rage mate

Why won't he shut the FUCK UP already!
by Aevion January 05, 2011
a french saying, but when spoken in america or any other english speaking territory, it sounds like someone is saying "say la vie", the proper response being "la vie"
c'est la vie

la vie!
by Aevion January 05, 2011

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