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Christian group integrating intellectual experience in addition to the emotional experience sought after by other denominations. Observing old beliefs of protestant denominations. Valuing beliefs of early Christianity. Fastest growing religion in the US, and longest living people. Exists in the most countries.
Still observe the Saturday Sabbath, they visit friends/family, worship God, relax and refrain from buying; believing that Sabbath buying (making someone else work) takes away someone else's opportunity to relax. They will do work contributing/helping society: soup kitchens, work as doctors, nurses and police
Has no true governing body like other churches, believing God is the head, changes come about as a result of the actions of church as a whole.
Ellen White is a founder and one of history’s most published authors, translated into 150+ languages across the world. Some see her as a prophet; she states “I said that I did not claim to be a prophetess. I have not stood before the people claiming this title, though many called me thus… I am God's messenger, sent to bear a message of reproof to the erring and of encouragement to the meek and lowly.” Messiah, steps to Christ, the great controversy are popular. The writings often covered health/lifestyle, Leading Adventism to refine health care, opening sanitariums across the world, creating places of health, instead of death including Loma Linda Medical center, which started the human heart transplant program
Mark: hey what is that in your plate?

John: it's a vegan taco salad

Mark: wow! healthy! do you want to be like a doctor or something?

John: yeah bro, I wanna go to LLU!

Mark: woah! you're gunna have to study hard, wanna study for Ochem on Saturday

John: nah bro, I got plans

Mark: gotta work?

John: nope, i don't work on saturdays

Mark: what then?

John: might go to church and then go to the beach to chill with family and friends, why don't you come? it'll be good for your health!

Mark: hmm you sound like a seventh day adventist

John: I am
by Adventist July 24, 2012

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